The Residence Episode 3 – Lovita Fate & Kira Queen

Cute blonde Lovita Fate enjoys a picnic on the lawn with her sexy brunette girlfriend Betzz, as episode three of Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbian series “The Residence” begins. They’re being watched by voluptuous housekeeper Kira Queen, who makes sizzling eye contact with Lovita; when Betzz falls asleep, Lovita dashes up to the terrace, grabs Kira’s hand and leads her to her hotel bedroom. Pushing Kira against the wall, Lovita pulls off her bra and lavishes attention on her beautiful big breasts. She sucks Kira’s nipples voraciously before kissing her way down, removing her panties too and starting to lick her shaved pussy. Kira moans and gasps as Lovita’s talented tongue and fingers drive her wild. Now Lovita takes off her own panties and perches on the bed, ready for Kira to devour her. After some passionate oral they switch again, and Lovita licks the raven-haired beauty to an intense orgasm. She squats over Kira’s face and rides to her own climax, both of them thrilled by their illicit encounter.