The Job Interview – Mirka & Simon

Sexy Simon is sitting at her desk, as Tora Ness’ erotic lesbian movie “The Job Interview” begins. She’s interviewing sweet Mirka for her first job, and is delighted to discover the petite cutie isn’t shy about sealing the deal by unbuttoning her blouse and caressing her perky breasts. Mirka parts her thighs to reveal she’s not wearing panties under her short skirt, then kisses her new boss eagerly, freeing her beautiful big breasts from her smart suit jacket and fondling them avidly. She pulls down Simon’s tight pants and licks her shaved pussy skilfully, making her gasp and moan with arousal. Simon wants to taste her new assistant now, kneeling between her spread thighs to eat her pussy. She grabs a vibrator from the drawer, bends Mirka over the desk and fucks her from behind, driving her wild. Mirka has an intense orgasm, then resumes licking and fingering Simon until she climaxes too. It’s evidently the start of a wonderful working relationship.