Blossoming Heat – Lily Blossom & Gia Tvoricceli

Cute blonde Lily Blossom wraps up warmly and goes outside to sweep snow from the steps, as Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbian movie “Blossoming Heat” begins. She’s watched from the window by her gorgeous brunette girlfriend Gia Tvoricceli, who puts on sexy lingerie as a hot surprise. When Lily catches sight of her, she rushes indoors and they kiss passionately. Leading her sweetheart to the bedroom, Gia removes her sports bra and sucks her nipples, then peels off her tight yoga pants and laps at her shaved pussy, spreading the succulent pink folds with her tongue. Lily rolls over and Gia eats her pussy and ass from behind, giving her an intense orgasm. Catching her breath, Lily fingerbangs Gia’s audibly soaked pussy and then licks her to a powerful climax.