Lora Cross vs Will Tile

We have an amazing rookie this season, Lora Cross is a Crossfit athlete with an insatiable sexual appetite. She’s been in the wrestling scene for a while but she has decided to level up and challenge one of our strongest male wrestlers today, Mr. Wile Tile. Will is a muscular man with a giant cock. He doesn’t use his strength against the women because he never really has to. Will has some skill and if a petite blonde muscle babe wants to call him out, he’s all game for it. Lora shows some tenacity. She’s nicknamed the rimmer because she likes to rim asses as she beats them. Will’s butthole is in constant jeopardy from Lora’s face as she tries desperately to bury it into his buns just for fun. This match is fun athletic wrestling followed by fun athletic fucking with cum on the toes per the winner’s choice.