Cali Sweets vs David Lee – EvolvedFights

We have an phenominal Rookie today, Cali Sweets graces the mats and we are honored to have such a seasioned sex fighter start fighting for us. This is her first match for evolved but she has been doing sex fighting here and there so she knows how to score sex points and how to seduce her opponents. David Lee has had some time off and he’s looking to improve his record today with what he thinks is going to be an easy win over Cali. David has to rethink everything once Cali shows her skills. Not only is she a tenatious wrestler but she is horney and ready to take someone’s cock off. This match is back and forth. David Less gets caught in a hold at the end of round 3 and it looks like Cali might take this W with an orgasm. The winner fucks the loser good and hard, Cali squirts a little from ther fucking, This is going down as one of the greatest sex fights of all time with a rookie.