For You – Mia Evans & Sandralyd

Cute brunette Sandralyd is giving herself a manicure, as Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbian movie “For You” begins. Her gorgeous girlfriend Mia Evans creeps up and grabs her from behind, making her jump and giggle. The Spanish beauty is waiting for her nail polish to dry, so Mia takes advantage of her helplessness by kissing her neck and fondling her perky breasts. She perches on the table with her thighs spread wide so Sandralyd can lick and suck her prominent clit. Sandralyd lavishes attention on Mia’s lovely breasts, rubs her nipples against Mia’s juicy slot, and eases a couple of fingers inside, making her quiver through an intense orgasm. Now the Hungarian babe pushes her sweetheart onto the sofa and eats her pussy voraciously, her nimble tongue driving Sandralyd wild. Inserting a couple of fingers and strumming her clit rapidly, she coaxes her to a powerful climax.