Step Sis Is A Size Queen – Maria Kazi

Maria Kazi on the phone with her “bestie”. Listen in as she talks about her new step-brother. Listen in as Maria talks about her obsession with size. Maria giggles about being a self-proclaimed “Size Queen” and asks her best friend how to “approach it”. “What did you do when you fucked your step brother?” As she’s getting dished all the tea, she notices you. Because you’re Maria’s new Step Brother. You’re the one with the boner. And it’s big. That’s what all the girls say, anyways. And who cares if your dad married her mom!? You didn’t know Maria a month ago, but you do now. And you’ve snuck into her room in the middle of the night! What surprised you most when Maria discovered your creepy ways? Step Sis JOE!! Then her mouth! Almost as wet as her shaved little cunt!! Like most 18 year olds, Maria is always “DTF”! Oh! And don’t worry about pulling out — Step Sis is on birth control!!