Sexual Heat – Ryana & Sata Jones

Gorgeous blonde Ryana is cooking up a storm in the kitchen, as Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbian movie “Sexual Heat” begins. She’s joined by her girlfriend, Sata Jones, who embraces her amorously, distracting her with sweet kisses. Ryana takes the pan off the stove so she can devote her undivided attention to Sata, lifting her onto the counter and pressing their bare, beautiful breasts together. She sucks Sata’s pierced nipples and peels off her tight shorts to eat her pussy. Sata moans with arousal as Ryana sucks and licks skilfully, adding fingers in her juicy slot to drive her to a powerful orgasm. Now Sata kneels, tugging Ryana’s shorts down, and licks her pussy voraciously. Ryana’s succulent lips spread like butterfly wings as Sata’s tongue and fingers work their magic, making her quiver through an intense climax.