Our Dirty Little Secret – Addis Fouche

Austin comes home early from soccer practice and finds his stepsister Addis talking trash about him to her boyfriend in the kitchen. Mad, he hides and watches the whole scene from afar, spying on the hot girl. Addis has a secret long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, so after a while, they start talking dirty and Addis flashes her tits to her phone. Austin wants to leave, but can’t help but watch his sister touch herself on video. He doesn’t want to get caught, but the image of Addis’ sweet boobs mesmerizes him, secretly taking pictures of her. Later on, Austin confronts Adis about what happened and shows her the nude photos he took. The guy blackmails his little stepsis, threatening to tell their mom and dad about her online boyfriend and the sassy pics he took. Addis is creeped out by her stepbro, but she can’t do much, so she agrees to do hot stuff with him. Austin pulls out his cock and makes his stepsister stuff her mouth with it, making her taste his creamy man juice. Now that Addis is at Austin’s command, the boy leaves a surprise for Addis on her bed: sexy lingerie. After savoring Austin’s cock, Addis is no longer disgusted by her stepbrother, so she’s actually aroused by the idea of him groping her in sexy clothes. She doesn’t want to cheat on her boyfriend, so as long as he doesn’t find out, Austin can fuck his stepsister real nice and fill her up!