Manami Honjyo takes a part time job as a mature AV model

Manami Honjyo is out job hunting today. She was interviewing at a super market today. We saw her and asked her about her job prospects and what she is looking for. We thought she looked nice and since we are always in search of new talent we thought we could chat with her and see if our interests aligned. We sat down and she admitted that she had even gone to a brothel to seek employment. We were liking her more and more each minute. She said that working at a brothel would be OK as it is a day job and her husband is away at work so she could spend the day at work and he would not know. She tells us that she really needs a job as she needs the money and she is not young anymore so it is harder for her to find a job. We let her know that there is a quick way to make some money and it is honest work. We tell her it will just take a couple of hours and it will be part time for about a week. We then go to the hotel where we are staying and we let her know that the cameras are on and that we are now going to be exploring her body. She is amenable to the whole idea and is happy that she can make some money working part time and would not have to work in a brothel during the day when there are few customers. In the hotel we get started and pull her bra up to get to her tits and then we lay her down and pull her panties down to her knees so we can play with her ass!