HZTV: Double Dipping The Painter’s Stick – Luna Star & Emma Magnolia

It’s Luna Star, Emma Magnolia and Manuel Ferrara’s turn to put their personal touch on the ZZ reno house, and while Manuel admittedly has no experience with a paint roller, he’s got a big stick that’ll get another job done! While Emma brings down the walls and Emma decides what she’s gonna do with the garden, Manuel’s biding time until he can get to work doing something that he’s actually good at: fucking! Once Luna realizes who the man behind the mask is, she puts her sledgehammer down and wraps her lips around Manuel’s big cock and gives him a blowjob before he slides it in her pussy! Emma doesn’t want to be the only one working while her coworkers are having fun so she joins in for a threesome that once again proves that while our HZTV crew might not be the most productive when it comes to home renovations, they sure do know how to fuck!