Fan Became New Talent Fucked Lexi Lore on Cam for Fans

Our new male talent Lu has been our fan for a very long time. He has always wanting to become a male talent. He reached out to us and I let him know that it took a lot to be able to perform and get the job done consistently on set. It really is not as easy as it looks like on film. He decided to take the challenge regardless. This guy does not have the biggest dick to be honest. But he is good in terms of getting it hard on demand. This is definitely a gift. Under my supervision and training, he performed just fine. Lexi Lore quoted hims as “you got a great male talent with a perfectly hard penis” LOL. I also want to apologize for the bad video quality. I forgot to bring my camcorder that day and only had my DSLR with me. All the footages were shot with my DSLR, which isn’t the best thing to film porn at all. We also don’t use blur in our editing so I had to cut the video frame for a bit to protect his privacy. Thank you for your understanding.