Detention Dress-Code Distractions – Valentina Nappi & Gal Ritchie

A student, Gal Ritchie, is in detention for wearing a skirt that’s too short. As she writes ‘I will obey the dress code’ repeatedly on the board, she is observed by her teacher, Valentina Nappi. Valentina KNOWS that Gal is trouble since this isn’t the first time Gal’s been in detention for disobeying the dress code… and Valentina has a feeling it won’t be the LAST time either. Gal eventually drops the chalk and slowly bends over for Valentina to see, flaunting that she’s not wearing panties. Valentina is shocked but aroused, deciding that she’ll just have to teach Gal a different kind of lesson, complete with facesitting and raunchy strapon sex!