Case No. 7906296: Reality Check – Summer Col & August Skye

When Summer and August are caught shoplifting, loss prevention officer Jack Vegas apprehends them for investigation. The girls swear they were just trying to get a shoplifting take for a reality show, but the store staff has no idea what they’re talking about, and there is no film crew present. Jack knows the girls are full of it, but if they want to get away without landing in a world of trouble, maybe they can work something out despite their actions. Summer and August know Jack’s type and his sexual suggestions totally take them aback. Still, they will do anything to get out of this situation and know sex is the easiest way to get Jack to change his mind. Summer and August are hesitant but ultimately decide that sucking and fucking is going to be the best option. The girls get right to work, sucking off the older guy and letting him take full control. Being so submissive feels wrong, but at the same time, a part of the Summer and August like how dirty and kinky they feel in the situation. They’ve never let a guy take full control before, and knowing they need to fuck their way out of trouble has a breath of excitement to it. Jack busts a big load for the babes, and they promise never to shoplift again, but that’s what all the girls at this store say.