AV fan thanksgiving Chihiro Akino and her fans dreams come true in her mouth

This is a lovely idea that all super sexy adult Japanese AV models should try. It is a special party and appreciation day for them. It allows the big fans of the model to show how much they have enjoyed her work over the years. These fans come and are welcomed by the fan committee chairman and are told that they are appreciated for their devotion and love for the model over the years. They are told that in this exclusive party that they will be allowed to interact with the model in the manner in which they choose. So each of these fans is allowed their fantasy with Chihiro Akino. She asks one fan what he would like most and he tells her how much he enjoys her tits. She tells him he will be allowed to live out his fantasy with her and she kisses him on the mouth. She starts off closed mouth but then opens her mouth and allows him to kiss her deeply. She then goes down to his jeans and unbuttons them and pulls his cock out of his underwear. This dude more and sort of got what he came for. He wanted to titty fuck her and now she had her mouth on his cock and her hands on his balls. She got him hard for her and then she pulled off her top and bra so he could squeeze her tits and grope her. What a great set of tits she has! He was all over her and she made sure that she grabbed his cock and rubbed it all over her nipples! This really was a day of dreams come true for him. Go see what she let him do next to her lovely body!