A Thing for My Personal Trainer – Madison Morgan

Madison and her boyfriend Daniel have decided to get in shape. To avoid the gym crowd, they hired Lawson, a personal trainer, to help them out. The tall black hunk awakens Madison’s sexual desire like never before, yearning to swallow his big black fat cock. Lawson is also instantly attracted to the sweet and curvy girl, touching her while training to feel her bouncy ass and bootylicious boobs. Daniel remains absolutely unaware of the sexual tension between his girlfriend and the personal trainer, so, when Madison fakes an injury, he runs to the kitchen to get some ice, leaving the horny lovers alone. As soon as Daniel is out of the picture, Lawson starts fingering Madison’s pussy to open it up as much as possible before his huge package. Madison also lubricates Lawson’s big cock with her saliva, sucking that black shaft with passion and gagging with it. Lawson gets to pound Madison’s pussy behind Daniel’s back, making her scream with pleasure while trying not to get caught.