A Match Maid in Heaven – Tiffany Watson & Kayla Paige

Allen can’t stop checking out the new maid, Tiffany, but his stepmom, Kayla, tells him to keep his eyes to himself. When Tiffany and Allen are alone, Tiffany takes the rare opportunity to make a move. She’s been dreaming of sucking Allen’s cock, but before Allen can bust a load, they’re caught by Kayla when she comes home unexpectedly. Kayla demands Tiffany finish what she started to see if Tiffany is really all that. Later, Allen catches Kayla getting a feel for the new maid herself when he walks in on Kayla fucking Tiffany with a strap-on. From then on, the trio can’t get enough of each other and, finally, fuck each other in a climactic threesome. Allen can’t believe he’s fucking not only the unbelievably hot maid but also his pervy stepmom, too!