A Filthy Deal – Ivy Ireland

Ivy’s son is a regular troublemaker. He and Mr. Steele, the school’s principal, are archenemies, prompting Ivy to visit the principal’s office occasionally. However, this time is different as her son went way too far and stole Mr. Steele’s credit card and ordered inappropriate items to his house. He’s been sending bags of manure, glitter bombs, and, worst of all, a box of dildos to tell him to go fuck himself. The Principal wants to press charges with the police, but he is willing to forget the whole thing if they come to a filthy agreement: he won’t press charges against Ivy’s son if the milf fucks herself with the dildos her boy ordered. But first, Mr. Steele wants to grope the hot mom a little bit and feel her juicy tits. The proud mom remains still to save her son while the pervy principal enjoys filling her up. Up next, Ivy pulls up her cock-sucking skills to ensure Mr. Steele’s cooperation, licking every inch of his meaty cock with lust. An intense fuck takes place as Ivy takes the principal’s dick and a dildo to seal the deal.